Sunday, September 6, 2009

Don't Tell Them It's Ketchup

I harvested two buckets of tomato's from my garden that needed to be used. I froze as many containers of tomato sauce as would fit into my freezer. Now what?

I decided to try lacto-fermented ketchup. That is a stretch for me. I have never made ketchup before and I didn't have a recipe using fresh ingredients.

I boiled a pot of water to remove the tomato skins. I put the skinless tomatoes in the blender and poured them into a large pot. They cooked all day and reduced to about 1/3 of the original amount. I added 1 cup of maple syrup, onion powder, and salt. After it cooled to room temperature, I added 1/4 cup of whey, poured into glass jars, and let them sit at room temperature for 48 hours before transferring to the refrigerator.

My kids actually ate it. Whew! They dipped their chicken in it, ate it with hamburgers, and put it on their fried potatoes. I also made Sloppy Joe's with it and they loved it. I didn't tell them it was ketchup. I called it Tomato Dipping Sauce. I didn't want them to have ketchup in their mind when they tried it because this is not like your bottled ketchup. It reminded me of the ketchup in Europe. It actually tastes like tomatoes.

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  1. Thanks for the simple recipe! I would love to have some probiotic ketchup to serve to the family instead of the store bought stuff with corn syrup! Thanks for sharing!