Monday, August 31, 2009

On to College

Starting our homeschool year notes the end of an era and a new beginning. After 13+ years of homeschool we graduated our oldest child. She will be attending college next week to continue her study of music. Things will be a lot quieter around here, even though she is just commuting.

I thank God for these years we have had together: the hours of talking and laughing. The years have flown past in a blink.

When my dd was 4 years old, she was very active, busy, and bouncy. I wanted to put her in preschool because I knew she was ready to learn, and I wanted the peace and quiet. I started looking for preschools in the area, asking other moms what they do.

One mom said to me, "why don't you homeschool?"

"What is that?" I replied, "What do you do? How does it work?"

This kind mother of 4 took time out of her schedule to show me her school room and tell me all about homeschooling. Soon I found several other moms who homeschool.

I decided to try it for at least preschool. My dd loved it. I started spending quality time with her, reading and doing crafts. She settled down and seemed happier. I was amazed at the changes in our home.

The next year, when faced with the decision to put her in Kindergarten, I chose to continue homeschooling especially since the state in which we lived had full day Kindergarten.

She is beautiful young woman who loves the Lord and wants to follow Him. I am so thankful someone introduced me to homeschooling.

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