Monday, October 19, 2009


This is a picture of our new compost bins. We went with the three sections. For the last few years we just had one pile where we put all of our kitchen scraps. In the fall and spring when my dh would till, he would just spread out the contents and till them into the garden. This caused several problems -
1. The pieces were too big to till.
2. Objects did not break down.
3. The pile smelled bad.
4. It attracted bugs and animals.
5. Weed seeds still alive.

Now we are going to improve our composting. Dh got a load of manure from a local organic farmer. It was very important to me not to be putting chemicals into our compost pile/garden.

So today we were raking leaves to put a leaf layer on the compost pile...

...and the kids had fun jumping in it.

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