Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Reading - Captivating - Chapter 3

Haunted By A Question

Eve – What Happened?
All that beauty, romance, and adventure sounds interesting but most of us are piled under loads of laundry. Real life is more like routine, chores, and screaming kids. Diets, busyness, self-improvement, activities. We hide or give up.

Our husbands are hiding in their cave wondering. Do I have what it takes?

The question girls ask is – Am I lovely? Girls want to be loved, delighted in. Sadly, many have given up.

Dominating women
Some women choose to dominate their world and control it, refusing to be vulnerable.

Desolate women
Some women are far too vulnerable, desolate and needy.

Whatever path you have chosen to fill the empty space, the ache, the loneness, only God can satisfy. Nothing on earth can take the place of relationship with our Heavenly Father. No amount of money, food, new clothes, friends, a new guy, whatever the world has to offer will never resolve the deeper issues of our souls.

Find your rest in God.

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